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Le Bijou – the luxury airbnb in Switzerland


Have you ever asked yourself what really luxury is?


Nowadays we all are always in a hurry, busy and constantly surrounded by hundreds of people.

Cultural changes and ethical problems have brought to consider luxury non-tangible assets as time and space. 

Then luxury, in my opinion, has changed. We look for privacy, quiet and also services being eco-responsible. 

That is what we found at Le bijou in Zurich.



Le bijou transforms high-end, city centre apartments into the hotel of the future, combining beautiful contemporary design with an innovative digital experience.

We have been there for a 4 night stay, just two steps from Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping heart of Zurich.


Le bijou is revolutionizing the hotel industry. The beautifully designed and fully equipped apartments bring the exceptional service of a world-class hotel into the private and personal surroundings of a luxury home.

They select the most beautiful apartments furnish them in our Swiss contemporary design.


Plan your special Event

Business or pleasure – private party – elegant birthday – brand presentation – graduation & more



You can rent them by the day and enjoy handpicked services, is like to stay in the luxury hotel but with more privacy!


No more bumping into strangers in the spa, or waiting for check-out.



At Le bijou you will find a home automation that makes you stay easier.

From lights to music, from kitchen to spa, everything in one touch.

Meet James, Le bijou’s intelligent digital service experience. Backed by an international team of concierges, James can facilitate whatever a guest wants, whenever they want it.




Order laundry, transport, in-room dining or spa treatments…

The augmented intelligence learns from interactions, remembering habits and preferences of a guest to ensure that Le bijou experience is completely personalized.





Le Bijou is the future of the luxury hospitality industry, a perfect blend of Swiss business strength with ground-breaking technology, exceptional service and a completely personalized experience.



Profit from global travel growth in one of world’s most stable countries

Le Bijou offers an innovative way to invest in the luxury travel market in one of the world’s most stable financial centres. 



Their current properties boast an occupancy rate of around 90% and ready to expand.

The Le bijou bond gives investors easy access to top tier real estate opportunities.

Projects are financed through classic fixed interest bonds. The high-yield bonds finance the upgrade of long-term rented properties, while the asset-backed real estate bond focuses on the purchase of new high-end apartment properties.

Delivering 13.5% in returns to their investors!

Earn superior returns by investing in prime Swiss real estate operated by an exceptionally profitable and competition-proof business model!



Thank you Le Bijou for this invite!



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