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Strawberries protein Pancakes

Strawberries Protein Pancakes: 

Waking up with the desire to have a good breakfast and have all the energy to face the day;

This is a very simple and balanced recipe, with good fats, oats for carbohydrates from cereals, banana and strawberries for sugars and vitamins, and white eggs for proteins:



250 ml of white eggs;

60 g of Oat flour chocolate (you can buy it here and you can use my discount code DOMINUS )

5 g of bitter cocoa

150g Strawberries

1 Banana


(1g of baking soda and 4 ml of lemon juice if you want to have more soft and leavened pancakes)




These are my macros but you can use a smaller dose than mine, you have to reduce all doses to the same percentage:

Take a shaker;

Put in the shaker: the egg white & spelled flour, and cocoa;

Take a pan and pour the mixture into it

Let your pancake cool for a few minutes;

Garnish the pancakes to your liking using strawberries, banana and dark chocolate





Enjoy your  fit breakfast!

See you soon 🙂


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